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Make Made Made Faire
May Might . Pouvoir
Mean Meant Meant Signifier
Meet Met Met Rencontrer
Melt Melted Molten Fondre
Mistake Mistook Mistaken Se tromper
Mow Mowed Mown, Mowed Faucher
Must (Had To) Must Must Devoir
Ought To Ought To . Devoir
Outdo Outdid Outdone Dépasser
Overcome Overcame Overcome Surmonter
Overhang Overhung Overhung Surplomber
Pay Paid Paid Payer
Put Put Put Mettre
Quit Quit, Quitted Quit, Quitted Quitter
Read Read Read Lire
Reave Reft Reft Voler, extorquer
Rend Rent Rent Déchirer
Rid Rid Rid Débarrasser
Ride Rode Rode, Ridden Chevaucher
Ring Rang Rung Sonner
Rise Rose Risen Se Lever
Rot Rotted Rotten Pourrir
Run Ran Run Courir
Saw Sawed Sawn, sawed Scier
Say Said Said Dire
See Saw Seen Voir
Seethe Sods, Seethed Sodden, Seethed Bouillonner
Seek Sought Sought Chercher
Sell Sold Sold Vendre
Send Sent Sent Envoyer
Set Set Set Fixer
Sew Sewed Sewn, Sewed Coudre
Shake Shook Shaken Secouer
Shall Shall Shalt (Conditional: Should) Devoir
Shave Shaved Shaven Raser
Shear Sheared Shorn, Sheared Tondre
Shed Shed Shed Répandre
Shine Shone, Shined Shone, Shined Briller
Shoe Shod Shod Chausser
Shoot Shot Shot Tirer
Show Showed Shown, Showed Montrer
Shred Shred Shred Parcelliser
Shrink Shrank Shrunk, Shrunken Rétrécir
Shrive Shrove Shriven Confesser
Shut Shut Shut Fermer
Sing Sang Sung Chanter
Sink Sank Sunk Sombrer
Sit Sat Sat S'asseoir
Slay Slew Slain Tuer
Sleep Slept Slept Dormir
Slide Slid Slid, Slidden Glisser
Sling Slung Slung Lancer
Slink Slunk Slunk S'esquiver
Slit Slit Slit Fendre
Smell Smelt, Smelled Smelt,smelled Sentir
Smite Smote Smitten Frapper
Sow Sowed Sown, Sowed Semer
Speak Spoke Spoken Parler
Speed Sped Sped Hâter
Spell Spelt, spelled Spelt, spelled Epeler
Spend Spent Spent Dépenser
Spill Spilt, Spilled Spilt, Spilled Renverser
Spin Spun Spun Filer
Spit Spat Spat Cracher
Split Split Split Fendre
Spoil Spoilt Spoilt Gâter
Spread Spread Spread Etendre
Spring Sprang Sprung Bondir
Stand Stood Stood Etre Debout
Steal Stole Stolen Dérober
Stick Stuck Stuck Coller
Sting Stung Stung Piquer
Stink Stank Stunk Puer
Strew Strewed Strewn Joncher
Stride Strode Stridden Aller À Grands Pas
Strike Struck Struck, Stricken Frapper
String Strung Strung Enfiler
Strive Strove Striven S'efforcer
Strow Strowed Strown Disséminer
Swear Swore Sworn Jurer
Sweat Sweat, Sweated Sweat, Sweated Suer
Sweep Swept Swept Balayer
Swell Swelled Swollen Enfler
Swim Swam Swum Nager
Swing Swung Swung Balancer
Take Took Taken Prendre
Teach Taught Taught Enseigner
Tear Tore Torn Déchirer
Tell Told Told Dire, raconter
Think Thought Thought Penser
Thrive Throve Thriven, Thrived Prospérer
Throw Threw Thrown Jeter
Thrust Thrust Thrust Enfoncer
Tread Trod Trod, Trodden Piétiner
Understand Understood Understood Comprendre
Undertake Undertook Undertaken Entreprendre
upset upset upset Chavirer
Wake Woke Waked Réveiller
Wear Wore Worn Porter
Weave Wove Woven Tisser
Weep Wept Wept Pleurer
Will Would Would Vouloir
Win Won Won Gagner
Wind Wound, Winded Wound, Winded Enrouler
Withdraw Withdrew Withdrawn Retirer
Withhold Withheld Withheld Retenir
Withstand Withstood Withstood Résister à
Work Wrought, Worked Wrought, Worked Travailler
Wring Wrung Wrung Tordre
Write Wrote Written Écrire


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