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2,3,6 TBA Tertiary Butyl Alcohol (herbicide)

2,4 D 2,4 dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (herbicide) / Acide 2(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)acétique

2,4 DB (phenoxybutyric herbicide)

2,4 MCPA 2-Methyl 4-ChloroPhenoxyAcetic acid (herbicide)

ACH4 Annual methane (enteric fermentation)

Al Aluminium / Aluminium

Al2O3 Aluminum oxide, alumina / Oxyde d'aluminium, alumine

Alachlore (choloroacetanilide herbicide)

Alloxydim sodium (cyclohexene oxim herbicide) / Alloxydime sodium

Ametryn(e) (methylthiotriazine herbicide) / Amétryne

Amitrole (triazole herbicide) / Aminotriazole

As Arsenic / Arsenic

Asulam (carbamate herbicide) / Asulame

ATP Adenosine TriPhosphate

Atrazine (chlorotriazine herbicide) / Atrazine

B Boron / Bore

Ba Barium / Barium

Barban (carbanilate herbicide) / Barbane

BaP Benzoapyrene

BCF BromoChloroFluoroethane

BD Butadiene / Butadiène

Benfluralin (dinitroaniline herbicide) / Benfluraline

Bentazon (herbicide) / Bentazone

Bifenox (nitrophenyl herbicide) / Bifénox

BPA Biphenol-A (4,4'-isopropylidenediphenol)

BPC BiPhényles Polychlorés (polluant industriel de la famille des hydrocarbures chlorés)

BrO Bromine monoxide

Bromacil (uracil herbicide) / Bromacil

Bromofenoxim (phenoxy herbicide) / Bromophénoxime

Bromoxynil (nitrile herbicide) / Bromoxynil

Bromoxynil phénol (herbicide)

Butylate (thiocarbamate herbicide) / Butylate

Butralin (dinitroaniline herbicide and growth inhibitor) / Butraline

C Carbon / Carbone

Ca Calcium / Calcium

Carbetamide (carbanilate herbicide) / Carbétamide

Cd Cadmium / Cadmium

CFC ChloroFluoroCarbon / ChloroFluoroCarbure, chlorofluorocarbone (substance depletive of the ozone layer)

CFC-11 Trichlorofluoromethane, Freon-11 (CCl3F)

CFC-12 Dichlorodifluoromethane, Freon-12 (CCl2F2)

CFCs ChlorofluoroCarbons

CFM ChlorofluoroMethanes


CH3CL Methyl Chloride / Chlorure de méthyle

CH3CCl3 Methylchloroform (1,1,1-trichloroethane)

CH4 Methane / Méthane

CH4-C Methane-Carbon ratio

Chlométhoxynil (herbicide)

Chlorbufamer (herbicide)

Chloridazon (pyridazinone herbicide) / Chloridazone

Chlorotoluron, chlortoluron (phenylurea herbicide) / Chlortoluron

Chloroxuron (phenylurea herbicide) / Chloroxuron

Chlorpropham (carbanilate herbicide and growth inhibitor) / Chlorprophame

Chlorsulfuron (sulfonylurea herbicide) / Chlorsulfuron

Chlorthal (phthalic acid herbicide) / Chlorthal

Chlortiamid (amide herbicide) / Chlortiamide

Cl Chlorine / Chlore

ClO Chlorine monoxide

ClNO3 , ClONO2 Chlorine nitrate

ClO Chlorine monoxide

ClO2, OClO Chlorine dioxide

Clopyralid (pyridine herbicide) / Clopyralide

ClNO3 (ClONO2) Chlorine nitrate / Nitrate de chlore

CO Carbon monoxide / Monoxyde de carbone (indirect greenhouse gas)

CO2 Carbon dioxide / Dioxyde de carbone, gaz carbonique

CO2-e Carbon Dioxide equivalent

CO-C Carbon monoxide carbon trace gas emission

COD Carbone Organique Dissous

COV Composés Organiques Volatils

CPS Compact PolyStyrene

Cr Chromium / Chrome

CTC Carbon TetraChloride

Cu Copper / Cuivre

Cyanazine (herbicide)

Cycloate (herbicide)

Cycluron (herbicide)

Cyfluthrin (pyrethroid ester insecticide) / Cyfluthrine

Cypermethrin (pyrethroid ester acaricide and insecticide) / Cyperméthrine

D Deuterium (also abbreviated as 2D or 2H)

Dalapon (herbicide)

DDT DichloroDiphenylTrichlorethane / DichloroDiphénylTrichloroéthane

DEG DiEthylene Glycol

DEGMBE DiEthylene Glycol MonoButyl Ether

DEGMEE DiEthylene Glycol MonoEthyl Ether

DES DiEthylStilbestrol

Desmétryne (herbicide)

Diallate (herbicide)

Dicamba (herbicide)

Dichlobénil (herbicide)

Dichloprophène monosodique (herbicide)

Dichlorprop (herbicide)

Diclofop - méthyl (herbicide)

Difénamide (herbicide)

Diflufenican (anilide herbicide) / Diflufénicanil

Diméfuron (herbicide)

Dimétachlore (herbicide)

Diméxano (herbicide)

Dinosèbe (herbicide)

Dinoterbe (herbicide)

Diquat (herbicide)

Diuron (herbicide)

DNOC (herbicide)

EA Ethyl Alcohol, ethanol

EBK Ethyl Butyl Ketone (a solvent)

ECH EpiChloroHydrin

EDB Ethylene DiBromide

EDC Ethylene DiChloride

EDTA Ethylene Diamine Triacetic Acid

EGMBE Ethylene Glycol MonoButyl Ether

EO Ethylene Oxide

EPS Expandable PolyStyrene

EPTC (herbicide)

Ethalfluraline (herbicide)

Ethofumesate (herbicide)

Fe Iron / Fer

FeSO4 Iron sulphate / Sulfate de fer (moss-killer / anti-mousse)

Fluazifop-P-Buthyl (herbicide)

Fluorochloridone (herbicide)

Fluoxypyr (herbicide)

Glufosinate ammonium (herbicide)

Glyphosate (organophosphorous herbicide) / Glyphosate

H Hydrogen / Hydrogène

H-1211 Halon (1211) (CBrClF2)

H-1301 Halon (1301) (CBrF3)

H2O Water / Eau

H2O2 Hydrogen peroxide

HAP Hydrocarbures Aromatiques Polycycliques

HBFC HydroBromoFluoroCarbon

HBr Hydrogen bromide

HC Hydrocarbons / Hydrocarbures

HCB HexaChloroBenzene

HCFC HydroChloroFluoroCarbon / Hydrochlorofluorocarbone

HCFC-141b Hydrochlorofluorocarbon-141b (CH3CCl2F)

HCFC-142b Hydrochlorofluorocarbon-142b (CH3CClF2)

HCFC-22 Hydrochlorofluorocarbon-22 (CHClF2, chlorodifluoromethane)

HCH Hexachlorocyclohexane (hexachlorure de benzène)

HCHO (CH2O) Formaldehyde / Formaldéhyde

Hcl Hydrochloric Acid, hydrogen chloride/ Acide chlorhydrique

HCN Hydrogen cyanide

HDPE High Density PolyEthylene

He Helium / Hélium

HF Hydrogen fluoride

Hexazinone (herbicide)

HF Hydrogen fluoride / Fluorure d'hydrogène

HFCs HexaFluoroCarbons, hydrofluorocarbon / HexaFluoroCarbonés

Hg Mercury / Mercure

HNO3 Nitric acid / Acide nitrique

HOCl Hypochlorous acid / Acide hypochloreux

Huiles de pétrole (herbicide)

I Iodine / Iode

IBA IsoButyl Alcohol, isobutanol

IDI Insect Development Inhibitors

IGR Insect Growth Regulators

Imazamethabenz (herbicide)

Ioxynil (nitrile herbicide) / Ioxynil

IPA IsoPropyl Alcohol

IPE IsoPropyl Ether

Isoproturon (phenylurea herbicide) / Isoproturon

Isoxaben (herbicide)

K Potassium / Potassium

Kr Krypton

LDPE Low Density PolyEthylene

L. Flampropisopropyl (herbicide)

Li Lithium / Lithium

Lindane (organochlorine acaricide, insecticide and rodenticide) / Lindane

Linuron (phenylurea herbicide) / Linuron

LLDPE Linear Low Density PolyEthylene

M Manganese / Manganèse

MAA MethylArsonic Acid

Malathion (acaricide and insecticide) / Malathion

MBAS Methylene Blue Active Substance / Bleu de méthylène

MDA MethyleneDiAniline

MEA MonoEthanolAmine

Mecoprop (phenoxypropionic herbicide) / Mécoprop

MEK MethylEthylKetone

MeOH Methyl Alcohol, methanol

MeSH Methyl Sulphur of Hydrogen (CH3SH, a mercaptan)

Métamitrone (herbicide)

Métazachlore (herbicide)

Méthabenzthiazuron (herbicide)

Métobromuron (herbicide)

Metolachlor (chloroacetanilide herbicide) / Métolachlor

Metozuron (herbicide)

Métrobuzine (herbicide)

Métsulfuron méthyle (herbicide)

Mg Magnesium / Magnésium

MHHPA MethylHexaHydrophthalic Anhydride

MIAK Methyl IsoAmyl Ketone

MIBK Methyl IsoButyl Ketone

MM-Al Total Monomeric Aluminum

MMCH4 Methane emitted from animal manure

MNA Methyl Nadic Anhydride.

MNAK Methyl N-Amyl Ketone

Mo Molybdenum / Molybdène

Molinate (herbicide)

Monalide (herbicide)

Monolinuron (herbicide)

MSMA MonoSodiumMethylArsonate

MTBE Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether

N Nitrogen / Azote

N2O Nitrous Oxide / Oxyde nitreux

N2O5 Nitrogen pentoxide, nitric anhydride

N2O-N Nitrous oxide - Nitrogen trace gas emission ratio

Na Sodium / Sodium

Nabame (herbicide)

Napropamide (herbicide)

Naptalone (herbicide)

NBA N-Butyl Alcohol

N-C Nitrogen-carbon ratio

Ne Neon / Néon

Neburon (phenylurea herbicide) / Néburon

NH3 Ammonia

NH4+ Ammonium

Ni Nickel / Nickel

Nitralin (herbicide)

Nitrofène (herbicide)

NMHC Non-Methane HydroCarbons

NMVOC Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compounds (indirect greenhouse gases)

NMOC Non-Methane Organic Compounds

NO Nitric oxide

NO2 Nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen peroxide

NO3 Nitrate radical

NOx Nitrogen Oxides / Oxydes d'azote (indirect greenhouse gasses)

NOx-N Nitrogen oxides-Nitrogen trace gas emission ratio

NOy Total Active Nitrogen

NPA N-Propyl Alcohol

O Oxygen

O3 Ozone

OCP OrganoChlorinated Pesticide

OH Hydroxyl radical

O/N Oxygen-to-nitrogen ratio

Oryzalin (herbicide)

Ox Oxygen and Ozone (O + O3)

Oxadiazuron (herbicide)

Oxyfluorfène (herbicide)

P Phosphate / Phosphate

PAN PeroxyAcetylNitrate

Paraquat (herbicide)

Pb Lead / Plomb

PB PolyButylene

PBB PolyBrominated Biphenyl

PCB Polychlorinated Biphenyl / PolyChloroBiphényle (polychlorure biphényle)

PCBs Polychlorinated Biphenyls

PCE PerChloroEthylene

PCP Pentachlorophenyl / PentaChloroPhénol

PDO PropaneDiOl

PE Polyethylene

PEHD PolyEthylène Haute Densité

PEN PolyEthylene Naphthalate (resin)

Pendiméthaline (herbicide)

PET PolyEthylene Terephthalate

PFCs PerFluoroCarbons compounds

Ph Phosphorus / Phosphore

Phenmédiphame (herbicide)

Phenothrin (pyrethroid ester insecticide) / Phénothrine

Piclorame (herbicide)

PO Propylene Oxide

PO4 Phosphate

PP PolyPropylene

Prométryne (herbicide)

Propachlore (herbicide)

Propanil (herbicide)

Propoxur (carbamate acaricide, phenylmethylcarbamate insecticide) / Propoxur

Propyzamide (herbicide)

PS PolyStyrene

PSD Pesticides Safety Directorate (UK)

PSL Polystyrene Latex

PTCN Pesticide and Toxic Chemicals News

PTFE PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (Teflon)

PTT PolyTrimethylene Terephthalate

PVC Polyvinyl Chloride / Chlorure de PolyVinyle

Pyridate (herbicide)

Quizalofop ethyl (herbicide)

Ra Radium / Radium

Rn Radon

S Sulphur / Soufre

SBA Secondary Butyl Alcohol

SDS Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate

Secbumeton (herbicide)

Séthoxydine (herbicide)

SF6 Sulfur hexafluoride / Hexafluorure de soufre

Siduron (herbicide)

Simazine (herbicide)

SiO3 Silicate

SM Styrene Monomer / Styrène Monomère

Sn Tin / Etain

SO2 Sulphur dioxide / Dioxyde de soufre (major contaminant produced by combustion of solid and liquid fuels)

SO4 Sulfate radical

SOx Sulphur oxides / Oxydes de Soufre

SRP Soluble Reactive Phosphorus

TBT Tributyl Tin / .fr. Etain tributyle

TCA Trichloracetic Acid (herbicide)

TCDD TetraChloroDibenzo-p-Dioxin / Dioxine

TCDF TetraChloroDibenzoFurans

TCE TriChloroEthylene

TCO2 Total CO2

TCP TriChloroPropane

Tébutam (herbicide)

TEG TetraEthylene Glycol

Terbacile (herbicide)

Terbuméton (herbicide)

Terbuthylazine (herbicide)

Terbutryne (herbicide)

Tetramethrin (pyrethroid ester insecticide) / Tétraméthrine

Thiocyanate d'ammonium (herbicide)

THM TriHaloMethane

THMs TriHaloMethanes

Ti Titanium / Titane

TNT TriNitroToluène

TOC Total Organic Carbon

TOX Total Organic Halides

TPTH TriPhenyl Tin Hydroxide

Triallate (herbicide)

Trifluraline (herbicide)

TSP Total Soluble Phosphorus

TSP Total Suspended Particles

TSS Total Suspended Solids

TTHM Total TriHaloMethane

TTO Total Toxic Organic (compounds)

U Uranium / Uranium

UDMH Unsymmetrical DiMethyl Hydrazine

UIPP Union des Industries de la Protection des Plantes Info-pesticides

Va Vanadium / Vanadium

Xe Xenon / Xénon

Zn Zinc / Zinc

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