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Actinolite (mineralogy) Actinote [ Ca2(Mg, Fe)5(Si4O11OH)2, silicate of calcium, magnesium and iron, calco-sodic clino-amphibole ]

Alkaline earth metals Terres métalliques alcalines (in the second group of periodic system, bivalent metals such as barium, calcium, radium, strontium)

Anhydrite (mineralogy) Anhydrite [ CaSO4, anhydrous calcium sulphate ]

Apatite (mineralogy) Apatite Syn. Francolite [ Ca5(PO4)3(OH, F, Cl), natural calcium phosphate with fluoride or chloride of calcium, Crystalline System : Hexagonal ]

Aragonite (mineralogy) Aragonite [ CaCO3, carbonate of calcium, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Bacterial calcification (geology) Calcification bactérienne

Calcareous Calcaire

Calcic (geochemistry) Calcique

Calciferous Calcifère

Calcified Calcifié(e)

Calcify .v. Calcifier

Calcimeter (geochemistry) Calcimètre

Calcite (calc spar) Calcite, onyx d'algérie [ CaCO3, carbonate of calcium, Crystalline System : Rhombohedral ]

Calcium (Ca) Calcium, Atomic Number : 020, (discovered by Sir Davy Humphrey, 1808)

Calcium acetate Acétate de calcium [ (CH3–CO2)2Ca ]

Calcium aluminate Aluminate de calcium (salt of aluminium hydroxide acid)

Calcium arsenite Arsénite de calcium [ CaHAsO3 ]

Calcium bicalcic phosphate Phosphate bicalcique de calcium [ (PO4)2H2Ca2 ]

Calcium bicarbonate Bicarbonate de calcium [ (CO3H)2Ca ]

Calcium borate Borate de calcium (boracite)

Calcium bromide Bromure de calcium [ Br2Ca ]

Calcium carbide, ethinide Carbure de calcium [ C2Ca ]

Calcium carbonate Carbonate de calcium [ CO3Ca, calcite or Island spath if crystallized in rhombohedrons; aragonite if crystallized in orthorhombohedral prisms ]

Ground calcium carbonate (GCC) Carbonate de calcium broyé

Calcium chloride Chlorure de calcium, chlorure calcique [ CaCl2 ]

Calcium cyanamide Cyanamide calcique [ CN2Ca else N–C–N=Ca2+, used as nitrogenous fertilizer, first synthetized by Adolph Frank et Nikodem Caro in 1898 ]

Calcium dioxide Bioxyde de calcium [ CaO2 ]

Calcium disulphide Bisulfure de calcium [ S2Ca ]

Calcium fluoride Fluorure de calcium (spath-fluor, fluorine) [ CaF2, insoluble in water ]

Calcium formiate Formiate de calcium [ (H–CO2)2Ca ]

Calcium iodide Iodure de calcium [ I2Ca ]

Calcium nitrate Nitrate de calcium [ (NO3)2Ca ]

Calcium nitride Nitrure de calcium [ N2Ca3 ]

Calcium oxide Oxyde de calcium [ CaO ]

Calcium hydride Hydrure de calcium (hydrolithe) [ CaH2 ]

Calcium hydroxide Hydroxyde de calcium (chaux éteinte) [ Ca(OH)2 ]

Calcium phosphide Phosphure de calcium [ P2Ca3 ]

Calcium protoxide Protoxyde de calcium (chaux vive) [ CaO ]

Calcium silicate Silicate de calcium [ SiO3Ca ]

Calcium sulphate Sulfate de calcium [ SO4Ca ]

Calcium sulphide Sulfure de calcium, monosulfure de calcium [ SCa ]

Calcium titanate Titanate de calcium [ TiO3Ca ]

Calcium tricalcic phosphate Phosphate de calcium tricalcique [ (PO4)2Ca3 ]

Calc-spar (mineralogy) Spath calcaire - See Calcite

Chalky water Eau calcaire

Coralline limestone (mineralogy) Craie corallienne, calcaire corallien

Decalcification (geochemistry) Décalcification

Dog's tooth spar Variété de calcite (fang-shaped crystals of calcite)

Gay-Lussite (mineralogy) Gay-Lussite (natural hydrated carbonate of calcium and sodium)

Gyps - See Gypsum

Gypseous Gypseux(-euse)

Gypsiferous Gypsifère

Gypsum (mineralogy) Gypse, pierre à plâtre, plâtre de Paris [ CaSO4 – 2H2O, crystallized calcium sulphate Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Hard water Eau dure (calcareous water)

Hydrolite Hydrolite, hydrolithe (calcium hydride, which, in contact with water, discompounds itself in hydrogen and lime)

Iceland spar (mineralogy) Spath d'Islande (pure transparent variety of calcite known for its property of double refraction, Crystalline System : Hexagonal) Syn. Calcite

Lime Chaux [ CaO ]

Lime burner Chaufournier

Lime hydroxide, calcic lime (CL), slaked lime Hydroxyde de chaux, chaux calcique (CL), chaux éteinte (portlandite) [ Ca(OH)2 ]

Lime hypochlorite Hypochlorite de chaux [ (ClO2)2Ca ]

Lime kiln Four à chaux, chaufour

Lime milk Lait de chaux

Lime nitrogen Chaux-azote, chaux azotée, cyanamide calcique (CN2Ca)

Lime protoxide Protoxyde de chaux, chaux vive [ CaO ]

Lime stone Lat. Calcarius lapis Castine, pierre calcaire, pierre à chaux

Lime sulphate Sulfate de chaux [ CaSO4 ] - See Anhydrite, Gypsum

Lime wash Lait de chaux

Lime water Eau de chaux [ Ca(OH)2 ]

Lime white Lait de chaux

Limy Calcaire

Meionite (mineralogy) Méionite [ calcic scapolite, natural Al-Ca silicate, Crystalline System : Quadratic ]

Monocalcium, monocalcic phosphate Phosphate monocalcique [ (PO4H2)2Ca ]

Monticellite (mineralogy) Monticellite [ CaMgSiO4, silicate of calcium and magnesium, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Scheelite (mineralogy) Schéelite [ CaWO4, native tungstate of calcium, Crystalline System : Quadratic ]

Selenite (mineralogy) Sélénite (crystallized variety of gypsum, Crystalline System : Monoclinic)

Selenitous water Eau séléniteuse (water carrying dissolved sulphate of calcium)

Tricalcic phosphate Phosphate tricalcique [ (PO4)2Ca3 ]

Vesuvianite, idocrase (mineralogy) Vésuvianite, idocrase (complex basic silicate of calcium and aluminium, precious stone)

Whewellite (mineralogy) Whewellite (natural calcium oxalate)


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