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Acid chlorides Chlorures d'acide (acids in which the hydroxyl group has been replaced by chlorine)

Atacamite (mineralogy) Atacamite (chloride of Cu, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic)

Chloracetic acid Acide chloracétique, acide chloroacétique [ CH2Cl–CO2H ]

Chloral Chloral, trichloraldéhyde [ CCl3–CHO ]

Chloral hydrate Hydrate de chloral [ CCl3–C(OH)2 ]

Chloramide Chloramidure

Chlorate Chlorate (salt of chloric acid)

Chlore .v. Chlorer

Chlorhydric acid Acide chlorhydrique [ HCl ]

Chloric acid Acide chlorique [ HClO3 ]

Chloridate .v. Chlorurer

Chloridated Chloruré(e)

Chloridating Chlorurage

Chloridation Chloruration

Chloride Chlorure (salt of chlorhydric acid)

Chlorhydrate ion Ion chlorure [ Cl ]

Chloridic .adj. Chloridique

Chloridisation Chloruration

Chloridise .v. Chlorurer

Chloridised Chloruré(e)

Chloridising Chlorurage

Chlorimeter, chlorometer Chloromètre

Chlorimetric Chlorimétrique

Chlorimetry Chlorimétrie

Chlorinatable Chlorinable

Chlorinate .v. Chlorer

Chlorinated environment Milieu chloré

Chlorinated solvent Solvant chloré

Chlorination Chloration, chloruration, javellisation

Chlorine (Cl) Chlore, Atomic Number : 017, discovered by Scheele, 1774)

Chlorine dioxide Peroxyde de chlore

Chlorine peroxide Peroxyde de chlore [ ClO2 ]

Chlorine water Eau de Javel (solution aqueuse d'hypochlorite et de chlorure de sodium ou de potassium, KClO)

Chlorinise .v. Chlorer

Chlorite Chlorite
1 - (chemistry) Salt of chlorous acid
2 - (mineralogy) Hydrated Mg-Fe-Al silicates analogous to mica, Crystalline System : Monoclinic

Chlorite-schist (mineralogy) Chloritoschist (schistose rock composed mainly of chlorite)

Chlorite slate (mineralogy) Chlorite schisteuse

Chloritic Chloritique

Chloritisation (mineralogy) Chloritisation

Chloroamide Chloroamidure

Chloroform Chloroforme [ CHCl3, an anæsthetic ] - See Trichloromethane

Chlorohydrin Chlorhydrine

Chlorohydrocarbon Hydrocarbure chloré

Chlorometer Chloromètre

Chlorometry Chlorométrie

Chlorophenol red (dichlorophenolsulphonphtalein) Rouge de chlorophénol (indicator)

Chlorophyll Chlorophylle

Chloroplatinic acid Acide chloroplatinique [ Cl4Pt . 2ClH . 6H2O ]

Chloroprene Chloroprène [ CH2=C(Cl)–CH=CH2 ]

Chlorous Chloreux(-euse)

Chlorous acid Acide chloreux [ ClO2H ]

Chlorous anhydride Anhydride chloreux [ Cl2O3 ]

Chlorosulfonic acid, chlorsulphuric acid Chlorhydrine sulfurique

Chlorosulphate Chlorosulfate (salt or ether of chlorsulphuric acid)

Chlorylate .v. Chloryler

Halogen Halogène (any member of chlorine, fluorine, bromine or iodine group)

Hydrochloric acid Acide chlorhydrique (acide du sel, acide marin, acide muriatique, esprit de sel) [ HCl, discovered by Valentin Basile, century XV ]

Hydrochloric gas Gaz chlorhydrique

Hydrochloride Chlorhydrate

Hydrochlorination Chlorhydratation

Hypochlorite Hypochlorite (salt of hypochlorous acid)

Hypochlorite ion Ion hypochlorite [ ClO ]

Hypochlorous Hypochloreux(-euse)

Hypochlorous acid Acide hypochloreux [ ClOH ]

Hypochlorous anhydride Anhydride hypochloreux [ Cl2O ]

Lewisite (chemistry) Lewisite (a chlorarsine)

Muriatic acid Acide muriatique (chlorhydric acid)

Oxychloride Oxychlorure

Perchlorate Perchlorate (salt of perchloric acid)

Perchlorate ion Ion perchlorate [ ClO4 ]

Perchloric Perchlorique

Perchloric acid Acide perchlorique [ HClO4 ]

Perchloric anhydride Anhydride perchlorique [ Cl2O7 ]

Perchloride Perchlorure

Potstone (mineralogy) Pierre ollaire (aggregate of talc with mica and chlorite) - See Serpentine

Protochloride Protochlorure

Spirits of salt (old chemistry) Esprit de sel, acide chlorhydrique étendu

Tetrachloride Tétrachlorure

Trichloride Trichlorure

Univalent metalloids Métalloïdes univalents [ bromine, chlorine, fluorine and iodine ] - See Halogen


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