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Brucite (mineralogy) Magnésie hydratée (hydroxide of magnesium)

Carnallite (mineralogy) Carnallite [ Cl2MgClK . 6H2O, hydrous chloride of potassium and magnesium, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Enstatite (mineralogy) Enstatite [ (Mg, Fe) (SiO3)2, silicate of magnesium, eruptive basic rock ore, an orthopyroxene, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Epsom salt (mineralogy) Sel d'Epsom (magnesia sulphate) - See Epsomite

Epsomite (mineralogy) Epsomite Syn. Sel amer, sel d'Epsom [ MgSO4 . 7H2O, natural hydrated sulphate of magnesia, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Forsterite (magnesium olivine) (mineralogy) Forstérite [ Mg2SiO4, silicate of magnesium, variety of olivine formed by the metamorphism of an impure dolomitic limestone, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Hornblende (mineralogy) Hornblende [ (Ca, Na, K)2(Mg, Fe, Al)5 (Si3(Al, Si)O11(OH)2, silicate of Ca, Mg, Fe, natural complex silicate of iron, calcium, magnesium and sodium, a calco-sodic clino-amphibole, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Hydromagnesite (mineralogy) Hydromagnésite (hydrated natural carbonate of magnesium)

Hypersthene (mineralogy) Hypersthène [ (Mg, Fe)SiO3, anhydrous silicate of magnesium and iron, orthopyroxene, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Kieserite (mineralogy) Kiésérite [ MgSO4 . H2O, natural hydrated sulphate of magnesium ]

Magnesia Magnésie [ MgO, magnesium oxide ]

Magnesian .adj. Magnésien(-ienne)

Magnesia limestone (mineralogy) - See Dolomite (carbonate of Mg and Ca)

Magnesite (mineralogy) Magnésite Syn: Giobertite [ MgCO3, carbonate of magnesium, ore, Crystalline System : Rhombohedral ]

Magnesium (Mg) Magnésium Atomic Number : 012 (discovered by Bussy Antoine, Alexandre, Brutus, 1830)

Magnesium alkyl haloid Halogénure d'alcoyl magnésium

Magnesium carbonate Carbonate de magnésium [ CO3Mg ] - See Magnesite

Magnesium chloride Chlorure de magnésium [ MgCl2 ]

Magnesium chromite Chromite de magnésium [ (MgO)2 . Cr2O3 ]

Magnesium hydrate Hydrate de magnésium [ MgO2H2 ]

Magnesium hydrocarbonate Hydrocarbonate de magnésium (magnésie blanche) [ CO3Mg2O2H2 ]

Magnesium nitride Nitrure de magnésium [ N2Mg3 ]

Magnesium olivine (mineralogy) Olivine magnésée - See Forsterite

Magnesium oxide Oxyde de magnésium (magnésie) [ MgO ]

Magnesium phosphide Phosphure de magnésium [ P2Mg3 ]

Magnesium protoxide Protoxyde de magnésium (magnésie) [ MgO ]

Magnesium pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate de magnésium [ P2O7Mg2 ]

Magnesium stearate Stéarate de magnésium

Magnesium sulphate Sulfate de magnésium (sel amer, sel d'Epsom, sel de Sedlitz) [ MgSO4 ]

Meerschaum (mineralogy) Écume de mer (hydrated silicate of magnesium, variety of serpentine) - See Sepiolite

Methylmagnesium bromide Bromure de méthylmagnésium [ CH3–Mg–Br ]

Monticellite (mineralogy) Monticellite [ CaMgSiO4, silicate of calcium and magnesium, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Organomagnesian .adj. Organomagnésien(iienne)

Phlogopite, magnesium mica (mineralogy) Phlogopite [ KMg3AlSi3O10(OH)2 ]

Saline .adj. Salin(e) (chemistry, relative to the salts formed from alkalimetals and magnesium)

Sepiolite Syn: Meerschaum (mineralogy) Sépiolite (natural silicate of magnesium) Syn: Écume de mer, pierre de savon du Maroc

Serpentine (mineralogy) Serpentine [ 3MgO . 2SiO2 . 2H2O, soft green mineral, hydrated magnesium silicate ] Syn. Pierre ollaire

Serpentine-rock (mineralogy) Serpentine (alterated peridotite composed mainly of serpentine)

Spinel (mineralogy) Spinelle [ MgO – Al2O3, natural magnesia aluminate ]

Spinel rubis Rubis spinelle ( aluminate of iron and magnesium )

Steatite, soap-stone (mineralogy) Stéatite, lardite, pierre à savon (natural silicate of magnesium)

Talc, talcum Talc [ Mg3Si4O10(OH)2, acid hydrated magnesium silicate ]

Talc earth Magnésie [ MgO, magnesium oxide ]

Talcite (mineralogy) Talcite [ Mg6A12(OH)16CO . 4H2O, hydrotalcite carbonatée ]

Talcose-schist Schiste talqueux


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