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Asbolane, asbolite (mineralogy) Asbolane [ mineral containing dioxide of manganese and monoxides of baryum, calcium, nickel and cobalt (10%) ]

Black manganese Magnésie noire - See Manganese dioxide

Brown stone Black manganese - See Manganese dioxide

Dialogite (mineralogy) Dialogite, diallogite [ carbonate of Mn, MnCO3 , Crystalline System : Rhombohedral ] Syn. Manganspath, rhodocrosite

Ferromanganese Ferromanganèse

Hausmannite (mineralogy) Hausmannite [ Mn3O4, mangano-manganic oxide Crystalline System : Tetragonal ]

Manganate .chem. Manganate (salt of manganic acid)

Manganese (Mn) Manganèse Atomic Number : 025 (discovered by Cheele, 1774)

Manganese bronze Bronze au manganèse

Manganese carbide Carbure de manganèse [ CMn3 ]

Manganese carbonate Carbonate de manganèse [ CO3Mn, isomorphous of calcium and iron carbonates ]

Manganese copper Cuivre manganifère

Manganese epidote (mineralogy) Épidote manganésée - See Piedmontite

Manganese dioxide (black manganese) Bioxyde de manganèse (magnésie noire) [ MnO2, insoluble in water, forms manganites ] - See Pyrolusite

Manganese garnet (mineralogy) Grenat manganésé - See Spessartine

Manganese heptoxide [ Mn2O7 ] Anhydride permanganique

Manganese protoxide Protoxyde de manganèse [ MnO ]

Manganese saline oxide Oxyde salin de manganèse [ Mn2O4 ]

Manganese sesquioxide Sesquioxyde de manganèse (acerdèse) [ Mn2O3 ] - See Manganite

Manganese silicon steel Acier mangano-silicié

Manganese spar (mineralogy) Manganspath (native carbonate of Mn) - See Dialogite, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite

Manganese steel Acier au manganèse

Manganese saline oxide Oxyde salin de manganèse [ Mn3O4 ]

Manganese sulphate Sulfate de manganèse [ MnSO4 ]

Manganese sulphide Sulfure de manganèse [ MnS ]

Manganesian Manganésien(-ienne)

Manganesiferous Manganésifère

Manganic Manganique (salts where Mn is tervalent)

Manganic acid Acide manganique [ MnO4H2, not isolated ]

Manganic anhydride Anhydride manganique [ MnO3 ]

Manganic chloride Chlorure manganique [ Mn2Cl6 ]

Manganic hydroxide Hydroxyde manganique [ Mn2O4H2 ]

Manganic oxide Oxyde manganique [ Mn2O3, anhydrous : braunite, hydrated: manganite ]

Manganiferous Manganifère

Manganimetry Manganimétrie
Definition :
.en. The manganimetry is a procedure for determining a redox assay by an oxidant solution of potassium permanganate of known titre in sulfuric acid (using the permanganate ion MnO4-)
.fr. La manganimétrie est une méthode pour déterminer un dosage d'oxydoréduction par une solution oxydante de permanganate de potassium de titre connu dans l'acide sulfurique (en utilisant l'ion permanganate MnO4-)
(Redox : reduction-oxidation reaction)

Manganin (metallurgy) Manganin, manganine (alloy of Mn with Ni and Cu)

Manganite .chem. Manganite (salt of manganous acid)

Manganite (mineralogy) Manganite Syn : Acerdèse [ Mn2O3 . H2O, hydrated oxide of manganese, Crystalline System : Monoclinic, Pseudo-orthorhombic ]

Manganosite (mineralogy) Manganosite [ MnO, natural manganous oxide, Crystalline System : Cubic ]

Manganous Manganeux(-euse) (salts in which Mn is bivalent)

Manganous chloride Chlorure manganeux [ MnCl2 ]

Manganous hydroxide Hydroxyde manganeux [ MnO2H2 ]

Manganous oxide Oxyde manganeux (protoxyde de manganèse) [ MnO ]

Manganous sulphate Sulfate manganeux [ MnSO4, isomorphous of ferrous and magnesium sulphates ]

Permanganate (chemistry) Permanganate (salt of permanganic acid)

Permanganic acid Acide permanganique [ MnO4H, forms permanganates ]

Permanganic anhydride Anhydride permanganique [ Mn2O7 ]

Piedmontite (manganese epidote) (mineralogy) Piémontite [ Ca2(Al, Fe, Mn)3Si3O12(OH), complex hydrated silicate of Al, Mn, Fe, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Potassium manganate Manganate de potassium (caméléon minéral) [ MnO4K2 ]

Potassium permanganate Permanganate de potassium [ MnO4K, isomorphous of potassium perchlorate ]

Pyrolusite (mineralogy) Pyrolusite [ MnO2, native dioxide of manganese, Crystalline System : Quadratic ] Syn. Savon des verriers

Rhodochrosite (mineralogy) Rhodochrosite [ Mn carbonate, MnCO3, Crystalline System : Rhombohedral ]

Rhodonite (manganese spar) (mineralogy) Rhodonite Syn. Manganamphibole [ CaMn4(SiO3)5, native silicate of Mn with Ca, Fe, Mg or Zn, an anorthic pyroxene, semi-precious stone, Crystalline System : Triclinic ]

Spessartite (mineralogy) Spessartine [ Mn3Al2(SiO4)3, silicate of aluminium and manganese, Crystalline System : Cubic ]

Spessartite garnet (mineralogy) Grenat spessartite (alumina-manganese garnet, Crystalline System : Cubic)

Tephroite (mineralogy) Téphroïte (variety of manganese bearing peridot, silicate of Mn, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic)


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