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Acid phosphatase Phosphatase acide

Amblygonite (mineralogy) Amblygonite, ambligonine [ (Il, Na)Al(PO4)(F, OH), fluophosphate of lithium and aluminium found in lithiniferous pegmatites, Crystalline System : Triclinic ]

Ammonium magnesium phosphate Phosphate ammoniaco-magnésien [ PO4Mg(NH4) ]

Ammonium phosphate Phosphate d'ammonium

Ammonium sodium phosphate Phosphate ammoniaco-sodique (sel de phosphore) [ PO4NaH(NH4) ]

Apatite (mineralogy) Apatite Syn. Francolite [ Ca5(PO4)3(OH, F, Cl), natural calcium phosphate with fluoride or chloride of calcium, Crystalline System : Hexagonal ]

Argentic orthophosphate Orthophosphate argentique, phosphate triargentique [ PO4Ag3 ]

Basiphosphate Basiphosphate (used in agriculture)

Black phosphorus Phosphore noir

Calcium bicalcic phosphate Phosphate bicalcique de calcium [ (PO4)2H2Ca2 ]

Calcium phosphide Phosphure de calcium [ P2Ca3 ]

Calcium tricalcic phosphate Phosphate de calcium tricalcique [ (PO4)2Ca3 ]

Cupric phosphide Phosphure cuivrique, biphosphure de cuivre [ CuPh2 ]

Cuprous phosphide Phosphure cuivreux, phosphure dicuivrique [ Cu2Ph2 ]

Dephosphorisation Déphosphoration

Dephosphorise .v. Déphosphorer

Diammonium, diammonic phosphate Phosphate diammonique [ PO4H(NH4)2 ]

Dibasic ferrous phosphate Phosphate ferreux dibasique [ PO4HFe ]

Disodium, disodic phosphate Phosphate disodique [ PO4HNa2 ]

Disodium phosphite Phosphite disodique [ PO3HNa2, salt of phosphorous acid ]

Ferric pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate ferrique [ (Ph2O7)3Fe4 ]

Ferrophosphor Ferrophosphore

Ferrous pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate ferreux [ Ph2O7Fe2 ]

Green phosphore Phosphore vert

Hydrogen phosphides Phosphures d'hydrogène [ gaseous : PH3, liquid : P2H4 ]

Hypophosphate Hypophosphate

Hypophosphite Hypophosphite (salt of hypophosphorous acid)

Hypophosphoric acid Acide hypophosphorique [ PO3H2 ]

Hypophosphoric anhydride Anhydride hypophosphorique [ P2O4 ]

Hypophosphorous acid Acide hypophosphoreux [ PO2H3 ]

Iron sesquiphosphide Sesquiphosphure de fer [ Fe2Ph3 ]

Lithium phosphate Phosphate de lithium (amblygonine) See Amblygonite

Magnesium phosphide Phosphure de magnésium [ P2Mg3 ]

Magnesium pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate de magnésium [ P2O7Mg2 ]

Metaphosphate Métaphosphate

Metaphosphoric acid Acide métaphosphorique [ PO3H ]

Mono-ammonium, mono-ammonic phosphate Phosphate mono-ammonique [ PO4H2NH4 ]

Monocalcium, monocalcic phosphate Phosphate monocalcique [ (PO4H2)2Ca ]

Monosodic phosphate Phosphate monosodique [ PO4H2Na ]

Monosodic phosphite Phosphite monosodique [ PO3N2Na, salt of phosphorous acid ]

Orthophosphoric acid Acide orthophosphorique [ PO4H3 ]

Phosphatase Phosphatase

Phosphate .v. Phosphater .sb. Phosphate

Phosphate coating Phosphatation

Phosphate derivatives Dérivés phosphatés

Phosphate fertilizer Engrais phosphaté

Phosphate trisodium Phosphate trisodique

Phosphated oil Huile phosphatée

Phosphatic Phosphatique

Phosphide Phosphure

Phosphine (phosphorus hydride) Phosphine

Phosphite Phosphite

Phosphonium Phosphonium [ PH4 hypothetic radical ]

Phosphonium cation Cation phosphonium [ PH4+ ]

Phosphonium iodide Iodure de phosphonium [ IPH4 ]

Phosphorate .v. Phosphorer

Phosphorated Phosphoré(e)

Phosphor bronze Bronze phosphoreux

Phosphorescence Phosphorescence

Phosphorescent Phosphorescent(e)

Phosphoric Phosphorique

Phosphoric acid Acide phosphorique [ PO4H3 ]

Phosphoric anhydride Anhydride phosphorique [ P2O5 ]

Phosphoric oxychloride Oxychlorure phosphorique

Phosphorized Phosphorisé(e)

Phosphorous Phosphoreux(-euse)

Phosphorous acid Acide phosphoreux [ PO3H3 ]

Phosphorous anhydride Anhydride phosphoreux [ P2O3 ]

Phosphorus (P) Phosphore Atomic Number : 015 (discovered by Brandt, 1669)

Phosphorus chlorides Chlorures de phosphore [ PCl3, PCl5 ]

Phosphorus oxychloride Oxychlorure de phosphore [ POCl3 ]

Phosphorus pentachloride Pentachlorure de phosphore [ PCl5 ]

Phosphorus pentaoxide, phosphorus pentoxide Pentaoxyde de phosphore [ P2O5 ]

Phosphorus sesquisulphide Sesquisulfure de phosphore [ P4S3 ]

Phosphorus trichloride Trichlorure de phosphore [ PCl3 ]

Phosphoryl Phosphoryle [ PO, trivalent radical ]

Phosphorylate .v. Phosphoryler

Phosphorylation Phosphorylation

Phosphuret Phosphore

Phosphuretted hydrogen Hydrogène phosphoré [ PH3, a gas ]

Polyphosphate Polyphosphate

Potassium metaphosphate Métaphosphate de potassium [ PO3K ]

Potassium pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate de potassium [ P2O7K2 ]

Primary sodium (sodium dihydrogen) phosphate Phosphate monosodique

Pyromorphite (mineralogy) Pyromorphite [ Pb5Cl(PO4)3, natural chlorate and phosphate of lead, Crystalline System : Hexagonal ] Syn. Plomb brun, plomb phosphaté, plomb vert

Pyrophosphoric acid Acide pyrophosphorique [ P2O7H4 ]

Pyrophosphorous acid Acide pyrophosphoreux [ P2O5H4 ]

Red phosphorus Phosphore rouge

Silver pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate d'argent [ P2O7Ag4 ]

Sodium phosphates Phosphates de sodium [ PO4Na3, PO4Na2H, PO4NaH2 ]

Sodium pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate de sodium [ P2O7Na4 ]

Sphærite (mineralogy) Sphærite (natural basic phosphate of aluminium)

Superphosphate Superphosphate [ (PO4)2H2Ca2 + SO4Ca ]

Tertiary sodium phosphate Phosphate trisodique

Tetraphosphorus decaoxide Décaoxyde de tetraphosphore [ P4O10 ]

Tetraphosphorus hexaoxide Hexaoxyde de tétraphosphore [ P4O6 ]

Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate de tétrapotassium (used for toothpaste)

Tetrasodium pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate de tétrasodium (used for toothpaste)

Torbernite (mineralogy) Torbernite Syn. Chalcolite, Renardite (native hydrous phosphate of Cu and U, Crystalline System : Quadratic)

Triargentic phosphate Phosphate triargentique [ PO4Ag3 ]

Tribasic ferrous phosphate Phosphate ferreux tribasique [ (PhO4)3Fe3 ]

Tricalcic phosphate Phosphate tricalcique [ (PO4)2Ca3 ]

Trihydric phosphoryl Trioxydryle de phosphoryle [ PO(OH)3 ] See Phosphoric acid

Tripolyphosphate Tripolyphosphate

Trisodium, trisodic phosphate Phosphate trisodique [ PO4Na3 ]

White phosphorus (mineralogy) Phosphore blanc (Crystalline System : Cubic)


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