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Adularia (mineralogy) Adulaire [ KAlSi3O8, milky-white potassium feldspar, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Alcoholic potassium hydroxide Potasse alcoolique

Alkali metals Métaux alcalins (in the first group of periodic system, univalent metals forming strong hydroxides such as cæsium, francium, lithium, potassium, rubidium, sodium)

Carnallite (mineralogy) Carnallite [ Cl2MgClK . 6H2O, hydrous chloride of potassium and magnesium, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Caustic Lat. Causticum Caustique

Caustic potash Potasse caustique [ KOH ]

Caustic potash solution Lessive alcaline

Chrome potassic alum Alun chromopotassique [ (SO4)4Cr2K2 + 24H2O ]

Cream of tartar (purified argol) Crème de tartre (potash ditartrate extracted from wine lees)

Fehling's solution Liqueur de Fehling, réactif de Fehling (cupric sulphate and portassium tartrate solution used for the determination of sugar containing aldehyde groups)

Felspar, feldspar (mineralogy) Feldspath [ KAlSi3O8, silicate of aluminium and potassium ]

Felspathic Feldspathique

Liver of sulphur Foie de soufre (potassium carbonate heated with sulphur also sodium phosphites)

Lyddite Lyddite (explosive made of picrate of potash)

Microcline (mineralogy) Microcline [ KAlSi3O8, natural Al-K silicate, anorthic potash felspar, Crystalline System : Triclinic ]

Moonstone (mineralogy) Pierre de lune (semiprecious gemstone, potassium feldspar, an opalescent variety of adularia)

Muscovite, common mica, white mica, potash mica (mineralogy) Muscovite [ KAl2AlSi3O10(OH)2, natural silicate of aluminium and potassium, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Nepheline (mineralogy) Néphéline [ KNa3(AlSiO4)4, silicate of potassium and aluminium, Crystalline System : Hexagonal ]

Nessler's solution Réactif de Nessler (a solution of mercury iodide, potassium iodide and potassium hydroxide used for the determination of the amount of ammonia in water)

Orthoclase (mineralogy) Orthoclase [ KAlSi3O8, potassium felspar, cleavages at right angles, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Polverine Pulvérin (glass maker's potash)

Potash (Formerly : Potass) Carbonate de potassium, potasse

Potash fertilizer Engrais potassique

Potash nitrate Nitrate de potasse, nitropotasse

Potassic Potassique

Potassio-derivative Dérivé potassé

Potassium (K) Potassium, Atomic Number : 019, Formerly : Kalium (discovered by Sir Davy Humphrey, 1807)

Potassium acetykide Acétykure de potassium [ C2HK ]

Potassium alum Alun de potassium [ Al2(SO4)3 . K2SO4 + 24H2O ]

Potassium amide Amidure de potassium

Potassium bicarbonate Bicarbonate de potassium [ CO3KH ]

Potassium bichromate Bichromate de potassium [ Cr2O7K2 ]

Potassium bromide Bromure de potassium

Potassium carbonate Carbonate de potassium, potasse ordinaire [ CO3K2 ]

Potassium chlorate Chlorate de potassium [ ClO3K ]

Potassium chloride Chlorure de potassium (sylvine) [ ClK ]

Potassium chromate Chromate de potassium [ CrO4K2 ]

Potassium containing Potassé(e)

Potassium cyanide Cyanure de potassium

Potassium dichromate Bichromate de potassium

Potassium disulphate Bisulfate de potassium, sulfate acide de potassium [ SO4KH ]

Potassium disulphide Bisulfure de potassium [ K2S2 ]

Potassium ferricyanide Ferricyanure de potassium (prussiate rouge) [ Fe2(CN)12K6 ]

Potassium ferrocyanide Ferrocyanure de potassium (prussiate jaune de potasse) [ Fe(CN)6K4 ]

Potassium hydroxide (caustic potash) Hydroxyde de potassium (lessive de potasse) [ KOH ]

Potassium fluotantalate Fluotantalate de potassium [ TaFl7K2 ]

Potassium fluozirconate Fluozirconate de potassium [ ZrK2Fl6 ]

Potassium iodide Iodure de potassium [ KI ]

Potassium oxide, potassic oxide Formerly : Potassa Oxyde de potassium

Potassium manganate Manganate de potassium (caméléon minéral) [ MnO4K2 ]

Potassium metaphosphate Métaphosphate de potassium [ KPO3 ]

Potassium nitrate Nitrate de potassium (salpêtre, nitre) [ KNO3, an alkaline nitrate ]

Potassium nitrite Nitrite de potassium [ KNO3H ]

Potassium osmiate Osmiate de potassium [ K2OsO4 ]

Potassium pentasulphide Pentasulfure de potassium [ K2S5 ]

Potassium perchlorate Perchlorate de potassium [ KClO4 ]

Potassium permanganate Permanganate de potassium [ KMnO4, isomorphous of potassium perchlorate ]

Potassium perruthenate Perruthénate de potassium [ KRuO4 ]

Potassium persulphate Persulfate de potassium [ KSO4 ]

Potassium plumbate Plombate de potassium [ K2PbO2 ]

Potassium protosulphide Protosulfure de potassium [ K2S ]

Potassium protoxide Protoxyde de potassium [ K2O ]

Potassium pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate de potassium [ K2P2O7 ]

Potassium ruthenate Ruthénate de potassium [ K2RuO4 ]

Potassium sulphate Sulfate de potassium [ K2SO4 ]

Potassium sulphide Sulfure de potassium [ K2S ]

Potassium tetrasulphide Tétrasulfure de potassium [ K2S4 ]

Potassium thiocarbonate Thiocarbonate de potassium, sulfocarbonate de potassium [ K2CS3 ]

Potassium trichromate Trichromate de potassium [ K2Cr3O10 ]

Potassium trisulphide Trisulfure de potassium [ K2S3 ]

Sanidine (mineralogy) Sanidine [ (K, Na)AlSi3O8, clear vitreous variety of potash felspar ]

Sericite (mineralogy) Séricite (natural silicate, potash-mica)

Sylvine, sylvite (mineralogy) Sylvite [ native potassium chloride, Crystalline System : Cubic ]

Sylvinite (mineralogy) Sylvinite [ native K-Na-Mg chloride used as potash fertilizer ]

Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate de tétrapotassium (used for toothpaste)

Yellow prussiate of potash Ferrocyanure potassique


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