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Acid rock (geology) Roche acide [ containing silica in the form of quartz ]

Actinolite (mineralogy) Actinote [ Ca2(Mg, Fe)5(Si4O11OH)2, silicate of calcium, lagnesium and iron, calco-sodic clino-amphibole ]

Alloy silicon Alliage au silicium

Aluminium silicate Silicate d'aluminium (argile) [ Al2O3 . 2SiO2 ]

Amorphous silicon Silicium amorphe

Andalusite (mineralogy) Andalousite [ Al2SiO3, silicate of aluminium, metamorphic mineral, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ] - See Chiastolite

Anorthite (mineralogy) Anorthite [ CaAl2 (SiO4)2, silicate of Ca and Al, Crystalline System : Triclinic ]

Apophyllite (mineralogy) Apophyllite [ hydrated silicate of Ca and K, Crystalline System : Quadratic ]

Arkose (mineralogy) Arkose (detrital rock, a sandstone, containing felspar, quartz, and mica)

Aventurine, avanturine, adventurine, sunstone (mineralogy) Aventurine (precious stone, quartz)

Babingtonite .min Babingtonite (ferrous silicate, Crystalline System : Triclinic)

Beryl (mineralogy) Béryl, béril [ Al2O3 . 3BeO . 6(SiO2), generic name for some varieties of emeralds, a cyclosilicate, Crystalline System : Hexagonal ]

Biotite (dark mica) (mineralogy) Biotite [ K(Mg, Fe)3AlSi3O10(OH, F)2, silicate of Mg, Fe, and K ]

Calamine (mineralogy) Calamine (natural hydrous zinc silicate)

Calcium silicate Silicate de calcium [ SiO3Ca ]

Carboniferous (geology) Carbonifère (also substantivised adjective)

Carboniferous siliciclastic Carbonifère siliciclastique

Carborundum Carborundum [ CSi, carbide of silica ]

Cerite (mineralogy) Cérite, cérétite (hydrous silicate of cerium)

Chalcedony (mineralogy) Calcédoine [ SiO2, mixture of quartz and opal, Crystalline System : Rhombohedral ]

Cherty (mineralogy) Silico-calcaire

Chiastolite (mineralogy) Chiastolite, chiastolithe [ Al2SiO5, natural silicate of aluminium, variety of andalousite with cruciform carbonaceous inclusions ]

Chlorite (mineralogy) Chlorite (hydrated Mg-Fe-Al silicates analogous to mica, Crystalline System : Monoclinic)

Cimolite (mineralogy) Cimolite (natural hydrous silicate of aluminium)

Citrin, yellow quartz (mineralogy) Citrine

Cobalt potassium metasilicate Métasilicate double de potassium et cobalt [ (SiO3)2K2Co ]

Colloidal silice Silice colloïdale

Cordierite (mineralogy) Cordiérite [ Mg2Al3(AlSi)5O18, a cyclosilicate ]

Cornelian, carnelian (mineralogy) Cornaline (fine chalcedony, compact variety of silica)

Cupid's darts (mineralogy) Flèches de Cupidon - See Rutilated quartz

Diallage (mineralogy) Diallage (native silicate of Ca, Mg and Mg, a pyroxene)

Diopside (mineralogy) Diopside [ Ca(Mg, Fe)(SiO3)2, birefringent natural silicate of Ca, Mg and Fe, a calcic clinopyroxene, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Dioptase (mineralogy) Dioptase [ Cu6(Si6O18) . 6H2O, natural hydrated silicate of Cu, a cyclosilicate ]

Disilane Disilane [ H3Si–SiH3, silicone hydride ]

Disilicic hydrate Hydrate disilicique [ Si2O5H2 ]

Disthene (mineralogy) Disthène [ Al2(SiO4), native silicate of aluminium, Crystalline System : Triclinic ] Formerly : Talc bleu, Schorl bleu Syn. Cyanite, kyanite

Enstatite (mineralogy) Enstatite [ (Mg, Fe) (SiO3)2, silicate of magnesium, eruptive basic rock ore, an orthopyroxene, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Epidote (mineralogy) Épidote [ Ca2(Al, Fe)Al2(OOHSiO4Si2O7), complex basic hydrated silicate of Aluminium, calcium and iron, metamorphic mineral, a sorosilicate, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ] Syn. Pistacite

Euclase (mineralogy) Euclase (hydrated Be-Al silicate, Crystalline System : Monoclinic)

Eudialyte (mineralogy) Eudialyte (silicate of Zr, Na, Ca and Fe, Crystalline System : Rhombohedral) Syn. Eucolite

Eye stone Quartz agate

Fayalite (iron olivine) (mineralogy) Fayalite [ Fe2SiO4, silicate of iron, variety of olivine, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Felspar, feldspar (mineralogy) Feldspath [ KAlSi3O8, silicate of aluminium and potassium ]

Ferrosilicon Ferrosilicium (alloy of iron and silicium)

Ferrous silicate Silicate ferreux [ SiO4Fe2 ]

Fire stone (mineralogy) Grès, grès siliceux, pierre réfractaire

Flint Silex (compact crypto-crystalline silica)

Flint glass Cristal de roche

Forsterite (magnesium olivine) (mineralogy) Forstérite [ Mg2SiO4, silicate of magnesium, variety of olivine formed by the metamorphism of an impure dolomitic limestone, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Fuchsite (chrome mica) (mineralogy) Fuchsite [ Cr-Al-K silicate, chromiferous muscovite, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Fuller's earth Terre à foulon (earthy silicate of aluminium)

Gadolinite (mineralogy) Gadolinite (natural Y-Be-Fe silicate, Crystalline System : Monoclinic)

Garnet (mineralogy) Grenat (silicate of Al with Ca, Mg, Mn or Fe)

Garnierite (mineralogy) Garnièrite (native hydrated double silicate of Ni and Mg)

Glauconite (mineralogy) Glauconie (hydrated silicate of iron, aluminium and potassium)

Gold quartz Quartz aurifère

Green earth (geology) Terre verte (mineral pigment, Fe-K-Mg or Al hydrated silicate)

Grossular, grossularite, goose-berry stone (mineralogy) Grossulaire (natural silicate of aluminium and calcium)

Harmotome (mineralogy) Harmotome (natural silicate of Al, K and Ba)

Hornblende (mineralogy) Hornblende [ (Ca, Na, K)2(Mg, Fe, Al)5 Si3(Al, Si)O11(OH)2, silicate of Ca, Mg, Fe, natural complex silicate of iron, calcium, magnesium and sodium, a calco-sodic clino-amphibole, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Hydrated aluminium silicate Silicate hydraté d'aluminium (argile) [ Al2O3 - 2SiO2 + 2H2O ]

Hydrated iron silicate Silicate hydraté de fer

Hydrated silica Silice hydratée

Hydrogen silicide Siliciure d'hydrogène [ SiH4 ]

Hydrosilicate Hydrosilicate (hydrated silicate)

Hydrosiliceous Hydrosiliceux (hydrated silica)

Hypersthene (mineralogy) Hypersthène [ (Mg, Fe)SiO3, anhydrous silicate of magnesium and iron, orthopyroxene, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Infusorial silice Kieselgurh - See Kieselgurh

Iolite (mineralogy) Iolite (dark blue variety of cordierite, Al-Mg-Fe silicate)

Iron metasilicate Métasilicate de fer [ SiO4Fe ]

Iron silicide Siliciure de fer [ FeSi ]

Jasper (mineralogy) Jaspe (impure form of opaque crypto-crystalline silica)

Kaolinite (mineralogy) Kaolinite [ Al2Si2O9H4, hydrated aluminium silicate ]

Kieselguhr (geology) Kieselguhr (infusorial earth)

Kyanite, cyanite (mineralogy) Kyanite, cyanite [ Al2SiO5, silicate of aluminium, Crystalline System : Triclinic ] - See Disthene

Lapis lazuli (azure stone) (mineralogy) Lapis lazuli (sodium, aluminium silicate with sodium sulphide)

Lithium silicate Silicate de lithium (lépidolite triphane)

Lithomarge, china clay (mineralogy) Lithomarge, steinmark (natural hydrated silicate of aluminium)

Love arrows (mineralogy) Flèches d'amour - See Rutilated quartz

Manganese silicon steel Acier mangano-silicié

Marialite (mineralogy) Marialite (sodic scapolite, natural Al-Na chlorinated silicate, Crystalline System : Quadratic)

Meerschaum (mineralogy) Écume de mer (hydrated silicate of magnesium, variety of serpentine) - See Sepiolite

Meionite (mineralogy) Méionite (calcic scapolite, natural Al-Ca silicate, Crystalline System : Quadratic)

Metasilicate Métasilicate

Metasilicic acid Acide métasilicique [ SiO3H2 ]

Microcline (mineralogy) Microcline [ KAlSi3O8, natural Al-K silicate, anorthic potash felspar, Crystalline System : Triclinic ]

Monticellite (mineralogy) Monticellite [ CaMgSiO4, silicate of calcium and magnesium, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Muscovite, common mica, white mica, potash mica (mineralogy) Muscovite [ KAl2AlSi3O10(OH)2, natural silicate of aluminium and potassium, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Nacrite (mineralogy) Nacrite (natural silicate of aluminium, kaolin family, Crystalline System : Monoclinic)

Needle stone (mineralogy) - See Rutilated quartz

Nepheline (mineralogy) Néphéline [ KNa3(AlSiO4)4, silicate of potassium and aluminium, Crystalline System : Hexagonal ]

Nickel metasilicate Métasilicate de nickel [ SiO3Ni ]

Obsidian (mineralogy) Obsidienne (vitreous volcanic rock composed of quartz crystals, similar to rhyolite)

Olivine (mineralogy) Olivine Syn. Chrysolite, Péridot (when used as a gemstone) [ (Mg, Fe)2SiO4, refractory orthosilicate, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic ]

Opal (mineralogy) Lat. Opalus Opale [ SiO2 – nH2O, amorphous silica ]

Organosilicon Organosilicone

Orthopyroxene (mineralogy) Orthopyroxène [ (Fe, Mg)2(SiO3)2, refractory silicate ]

Orthosilicate Orthosilicate

Orthosilicic acid Acide orthosilicique [ Si(OH)4 ]

Pennine, penninite (mineralogy) Pennine (natural hydrous silicate of Al, Mg and Fe)

Perlite (mineralogy) Perlite (natural silicate, felspar group)

Phenacite, phenakite (mineralogy) Phénacite [ Be2SiO4, natural silicate of beryllium, Crystalline System : Rhombohedral ]

Piedmontite (manganese epidote) (mineralogy) Piémontite [ Ca2(Al, Fe, Mn)3Si3O12(OH), complex hydrated silicate of Al, Mn, Fe, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Plagioclase felspar Feldspath plagioclase [ silicates of aluminium with calcium and sodium ]

Pyrope (mineralogy) Pyrope [ Mg3Al(SiO4)3, natural Al-Mg silicate, garnet gem-stone, Crystalline System : Cubic ]

Pyrophillite (mineralogy) Pyrophillite [ natural hydrated Al silicate, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Quartz Quartz [ SiO2 ]

Quartzic Quartzique

Quartziferous Quartzifère

Quartziform Quartziforme

Quartzite, quartz-rock (mineralogy) Quartzite (metamorphosed sandstone)

Quartzitic Quartzitique

Quartzose, quartzy Quartzeux(-euse)

Rhodonite (manganese spar) (mineralogy) Rhodonite Syn. Manganamphibole [ CaMn4(SiO3)5, native silicate of Mn with Ca, Fe, Mg or Zn, an anorthic pyroxene, Crystalline System : Triclinic ]

Riebeckite (mineralogy) Riebeckite (amphibole, Na-Fe silicate, Crystalline System : Monoclinic) - See Crocidolite

Ripidolite (mineralogy) Ripidolite (natural silicate of Al and Mg)

Rose-quartz Quartz rose

Rutilated quartz (mineralogy) Quartz rutilé (sagénite) (acicular rutile in inclusions in clear quartz)

Saponite (mineralogy) Saponite (amorphous natural silicate of Al and Mg found in cavities of serpentine)

Scapolite (mineralogy) Scapolite Syn. Wernérite [ Na8(Cl2, SO4, CO3)(AlSi3O8)6, Al-Ca-Na silicate with chlorine, NaCl and carbonate of calcium, Crystalline System : Quadratic ]

Sepiolite Syn : Meerschaum (mineralogy) Sépiolite (natural silicate of magnesium) Syn : Écume de mer, pierre de savon du Maroc

Sericite (mineralogy) Séricite (natural silicate, potash-mica)

Serpentine (mineralogy) Serpentine [ 3MgO . 2SiO2 . 2H2O, soft green mineral, hydrated magnesium silicate ] Syn. Pierre ollaire

Serpentine-rock (mineralogy) Serpentine (alterated peridotite composed mainly of serpentine)

Silane Silane [ SiH4, generic name for silicon hydrides ]

Silica Silice [ SiO2, dioxide of silicon, silicic anhydride ]

Silica fume cement Ciment à la fumée de silice

Silica gel Gel de silice

Silicane Hydrogène silicié [ SiH4, silicon hydride, a gas ]

Silicate Silicate (salt of silicic acid)

Siliceous Siliceux(-euse)

Siliceous granular soils Sols pulvérulents siliceux

Silicic Silicique

Silicic acid Acide silicique

Silicic anhydride Anhydride silicique [ SiO2 ]

Siliciclastic sediment Sédiment siliciclastique

Silicide Siliciure

Siliciferous Silicifère

Silicify .v. Silicifier

Silification Silification

Silicified Silicifié(e)

Silicometer Silicomètre

Silicon (Si) Silicium, Atomic Number : 014, silicone (discovered by Berzélius, 1823)

Silicon carbide Carbure de silicium (SiC) - See Carborundum

Silicon chip Puce au silicium

Silicon dioxide Bioxyde de silicium [ SiO2 ]

Silicon disulphide Bisulfure de silicium [ SiS2 ]

Silicon hexabromide Hexabromure de silicium [ Si2Br6 ]

Silicon hexachloride Hexachlorure de silicium [ Si2Cl6 ]

Silicon hydride Hydrure de silicium [ SiH4 ] - See Silane, silicane

Silicon sheet Tôle au silicium

Silicon tetrabromide Tétrabromure de silicium [ SiBr4 ]

Silicon tetrachloride Tétrachlorure de silicium [ SiCl4 ]

Silicon tetrafluoride Tétrafluorure de silicium [ SiFl4 ]

Silicon tetraiodide Tétraiodure de silicium [ SiI4 ]

Silicon wafer Plaquette silicium

Smoky quartz (mineralogy) Quartz fumé, quartz enfumé

Sodalite (mineralogy) Sodalite (silicate of sodium and aluminium with chlorine, a felspar)

Sodium silicate Silicate alcalin de sodium [ SiO3Na2 ]

Spessartite (mineralogy) Spessartine [ Mn3Al2(SiO4)3, silicate of aluminium and manganese, Crystalline System : Cubic ]

Spodumene (mineralogy) Spodumène, triphane [ LiAl(SiO3)2, natural silicate of lithium and aluminium, an alcaline clinopyroxene, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Steatite (soap-stone) (mineralogy) Stéatite (lardite, pierre à savon) (natural silicate of magnesium)

Talc, talcum Talc [ Mg3Si4O10(OH)2, acid hydrated magnesium silicate ]

Tephroite (mineralogy) Téphroïte (variety of manganese bearing peridot, silicate of Mn, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic)

Thorite (mineralogy) Thorite (natural thorium silicate)

Tiger's eye (mineralogy) Oeil de tigre (silicified crocidolite)

Titanite (mineralogy) Titanite [ CaO–TiO2–SiO2, silicate of calcium and titanate, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Tremolite (mineralogy) Trémolite (native silicate of Ca and Mg, amphibole)

Tridymite (mineralogy) Tridymite [ SiO2, orthorhombic form of silica ]

Trisilane Trisilane [ H3Si(SiH2)SiH4, silicone hydride ]

Trisilicic dihydroxide Dihydroxyde trisilicique [ Si3O8H4 ]

Troostite (mineralogy) Troostite (natural silicate of Zn and Mn, constituent of steels)

Venus' hair stone (mineralogy) Cheveux de Vénus - See Rutilated quartz

Vermiculite (mineralogy) Vermiculite (hydrated Mg-Ca-Fe-Al silicate, Crystalline System : Monoclinic)

Vesuvianite, idocrase (mineralogy) Vésuvianite, idocrase (complex basic silicate of calcium and aluminium)

Vitreous silicate Silicate vitreux

Water glass Orthosilicate

Wernerite (mineralogy) Wernérite, ékebergite (naturalsilicate of aluminium, calcium and sodium) - See Scapolite

Wollastonite Syn. Tabular spar (mineralogy) Wollastonite (native Ca silicate)

Zirconium silicate Silicate de zirconium [ SiO4Zr ]


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