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Alkali metals Métaux alcalins (in the first group of periodic system, univalent metals forming strong hydroxides such as cæsium, francium, lithium, potassium, rubidium, sodium)

Analcime, analcite (mineralogy) Analcime (hydrated sodium aluminium silicate, Crystalline System : Cubic)

Baking soda Bicarbonate de soude

Caustic soda Soude caustique [ NaOH ]

Chile saltpetre (mineralogy) Salpêtre du Chili (sodium nitrate) Syn. Caliche

Crocidolite, blue asbestos, cat's eye (mineralogy) Crocidolite, amiante bleue, oeil de chat (fibrous silicate of sodium and iron, alkali amphibole Crystalline System : Monoclinic) Syn. Riebeckite fibreuse

Cubic nitre (mineralogy) Nitre cubique (natural sodium nitrate) - See Nitratine

Disodium, disodic Disodique

Disodium phosphate Phosphate disodique [ PO4HNa2 ]

Disodium phosphite Phosphite disodique [ PO3HNa2, salt of phosphorous acid ]

Gay-Lussite (mineralogy) Gay-Lussite (natural hydrated carbonate of calcium and sodium)

Glauber's salt (mineralogy) Sel de Glauber [ SO4Na2, hydrated sodium sulphate composed mainly of glauberite, halite, polyhalite and thenardite, Crystalline System : Monoclinic ]

Glauberite (mineralogy) Glaubérite (native anhydrous sulphate of Na and Ca, Crystalline System : Monoclinic)

Gmelignite (mineralogy) Gmélignite (sodium-aluminium zeolite, Crystalline System : Hexagonal)

Halite (rock salt) (mineralogy) Halite [ NaCl, sodium chloride, Crystalline System : Cubic ]

Hyposulphite of soda Hyposulfite de soude

Hyposulphite of sodium Hyposulfite de sodium [ S2O3Na2 . 5H2O ]

Lapis lazuli (azure stone) (mineralogy) Lapis lazuli (sodium, aluminium silicate with sodium sulphide)

Monosodic phosphate Phosphate monosodique [ PO4H2Na ]

Monosodic phosphite Phosphite monosodique [ PO3N2Na, salt of phosphorous acid ]

Natron (mineralogy) Natron, natrite [ Na2(CO3) · 10(H2O) , hydrated carbonate of sodium ] - See Urao

Nitratine (mineralogy) Nitratine, natronite, nitre cubique (natural nitrate of sodium)

Phosphate trisodium Phosphate trisodique

Primary sodium (sodium dihydrogen) phosphate Phosphate monosodique

Riebeckite .min. Riebeckite (amphibole, Na-Fe silicate, C.Syst. Monoclinic) - See Crocidolite

Soda Soude

Soda ash Carbonate de soude

Soda lime Chaux sodée

Sodalite (mineralogy) Sodalite (silicate of sodium and aluminium with chlorine, a felspar)

Sodic oxide Oxyde de sodium

Sodioderivative Dérivé sodé

Sodium (Na) Sodium, Atomic Number : 011, Lat. Natrium [ discovered by Sir Davy Humphrey, 1807 ]

Sodium acetate Acétate de sodium

Sodium amide Amidure de sodium [ NaNH2 ]

Sodium bicarbonate Bicarbonate de sodium, carbonate acide de sodium (sel de Vichy) [ NaHCO3 ]

Sodium bismuthate Bismuthate de sodium [ NaBiO3 ]

Sodium bisulphite Bisulfite de sodium (sulfite acide de sodium) [ SO3HNa ]

Sodium bromide Bromure de sodium [ BrNa ]

Sodium carbonate Carbonate de sodium, carbonate neutre de sodium (soude ordinaire) [ Na2CO3 ]

Sodium chlorate Chlorate de sodium [ NaClO3 ]

Sodium chloride Chlorure de sodium, sel marin [ NaCl ]

Sodium dioxide Bioxyde de sodium [ Na2O2 ]

Sodium disulphate Bisulfate de sodium [ SO4NaH ]

Sodium ethide Éthylure de sodium [ C2H5Na ]

Sodium fluoride Fluorure de sodium [ FNa ]

Sodium formate Formiate de sodium [ HCO2Na ]

Sodium hydride Hydrure de sodium [ Na2H ]

Sodium hydrogen sulphate - See Sodium bisulphite

Sodium hydrosulfide Hydrosulfure de sodium [ NaHS ] Synonyms : Sodium hydrosulphide ,Sodium hydrogen sulphide, Sodium sulfhydrate, Sodium bisulphide

Sodium hydroxide Hydroxyde de sodium (soude caustique) [ NaOH ]

Sodium hypochlorite Hypochlorite de sodium

Sodium hyposulphite Hyposulfite de sodium [ S2O3Na2 ]

Sodium iodate Iodate de sodium [ IO3Na ]

Sodium iodide Iodure de sodium [ INa ]

Sodium ion Ion sodium [ Na+ ]

Sodium lauryl sulphate Laurisulfate de sodium, laurylsulfate de sodium

Sodium molybdate Molybdate de sodium

Sodium nitrate Nitrate de sodium [ NO3Na ]

Sodium oxalate Oxalate de sodium [ CO2Na . CO2Na ]

Sodium perborate Perborate de sodium [ BO3Na ]

Sodium phosphates Phosphates de sodium [ PO4Na3, PO4Na2H, PO4NaH2 ]

Sodium protoxide Protoxyde de sodium [ Na2O ]

Sodium pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate de sodium [ P2O7Na4 ]

Sodium pyrosulphate Pyrosulfate de sodium [ S2O7Na2 ]

Sodium pyrosulphite Pyrosulfite de sodium (métabisulfite) [ S2O5Na2 ]

Sodium salts Sels de sodium

Sodium sesquicarbonate Sesquicarbonate de sodium [ (CO3)3Na4H2 ]

Sodium silicate Silicate alcalin de sodium [ SiO3Na2 ]

Sodium starch glycolate Glycolate d'amidon sodique

Sodium sulphate Sulfate de sodium [ SO4Na2 ] - See Glauber's salt

Sodium sulphide Sulfure de sodum [ SNa2 ]

Sodium sulphite Sulfite de sodium [ SO3Na2 ]

Sodium thiocyanate Thiocyanate de sodium [ NaSCN ]

Sodium thiosulphate Thiosulfate de sodium, hyposulfite de sodium

Sodium tungstate Tungstate de sodium [ WO4Na2 ]

Sodium uranate Uranate de sodium [ U2O7Na2 ]

Sodium zirconate Zirconate de sodium [ ZrO4Na4 ]

Sulphate of soda Sulfate de soude

Tertiary sodium phosphate Phosphate trisodique

Tetrasodium pyrophosphate Pyrophosphate de tétrasodium (used for toothpaste)

Thenardite (mineralogy) Thénardite (rock salt, sodium sulphate, Crystalline System : Orthorhombic)

Trisodium, trisodic phosphate Phosphate trisodique [ PO4Na3 ]

Urao Syn. Trona (mineralogy) Urao [ Na3H(CO3)2 · 2H2O), native hydrated carbonate of sodium ] - See Natron


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